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Zaco offers a large product range at highly competitive price and always on time. Zaco is committed to meet the customer's requirements.

Our service and hardware product knowledge enables us to proclaim that Zaco is the source for hard to find specialty and discontinued server parts. Just go through our inventory of EOL Power Supplies, Processors, PPM, SCSI Controllers, Motherboards, Memory and Hard Drives. We are always eager to serve the customers through phone consultation and sales inquiry.

Client Satisfaction

Our main aim is to ensure optimum client satisfaction and therefore, we work hard to provide prompt services and reliable products like IBM X Series Server, Server Parts, IBM Server Parts, HP Proliant Rack Servers, etc. Further, we give prompt response to the queries of the clients and try our best to assure their maximum satisfaction and benefit.

We offer you many opportunities to save when you order from us. Our purchasing department negotiate well with suppliers to get the products like IBM X Series Server, HP Proliant Rack Servers, etc at lowest price and ultimately pass the cost benefits to the customers. Zaco offers only well-known brand products to our customers. Any particular item may become unexpectedly out of stock, and a substitution of equal or greater value may be offered to you.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in our company. What does it mean to you? You can buy with confidence from Zaco. Business with Zaco is extremely easy- Excellent service, low prices, fast delivery!

We follow fair business policies and are preferred by our clientele due to following mentioned reasons:

  • Cost-effective products
  • Qualified staff
  • Reasonable prices
  • Immediate response to customers queries
  • Fulfillment of the specific requirements of clients
  • Easy transaction modes
  • Delivery within stipulated time frame
  • Giving stress towards Customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of established internationally certified quality management system
  • Fast economical and reliable shipping is available
  • Offering only recognized brand products


By offering excellent quality products, maintain customer based policies, clarity in transactions and charging affordable rates like Dell Poweredge Rack Servers, Dell SC Poweredge Servers, etc , our organization has gained huge appreciation in the market. BM TRADA Certification is one of the evidence of our success & growth in the industry. Some details of this certification are given below:

Certificate Number: 9631
Date of Last Issue: 23 April 2013
Date of Expiry: 22 April 2016

Vendor Base

For meting demands of our patrons for offered computer parts, we have tied-up with some well known brands like Dell Poweredge Rack Servers, Dell SC Poweredge Servers, etc owner of the market. These firms are chosen by our sourcing agents after conducting variegated surveys & market researches. Our professionals select associated firms on the basis of their track records, market reputation, products quality, prompt delivery schedules, ability to fulfill urgent or bulk orders etc. Below mentioned are some of the brands that we offer to clients:

  • HP
  • IBM
  • Dell
  • Sun
  • Intel
  • LSI Logic
  • Adaptec

Our Product Portfolio

The complete range of products is as given below:

  • HP Servers
    • HP Proliant Rack Servers
    • HP Proliant Tower Servers
    • HP Proliant Blade Servers
    • HP Workstation
    • HP Integrity Servers
  • HP Server Parts
    • HP Server Processor
    • HP Server Memory
    • HP Server Hard Drives
    • HP Server Power Supplies
    • HP Server Raid Controllers
    • HP Server Motherboards
    • HP Server BackPlanes
    • HP Server Network Adapters
    • HP Server Risers
    • HP Power Supply Backplane
    • HP Cooling Fan
    • HP Heat sink
  • IBM Servers
    • IBM x series Server
    • IBM Systems x Servers
    • IBM Netfinity
    • IBM Server Parts
      • IBM Server processor
      • IBM Server memory
      • IBM Server hard drives
      • IBM Server Power Supplies
      • IBM Server Raid Controllers
      • IBM Server cooling fan
      • IBM Server Heatsink
      • IBM Server Motherboards
      • IBM Server BackPlanes
      • IBM Server Network Adapters
      • IBM Server riser card
      • IBM Server Power cage
    • Dell Servers
      • Dell Rack Servers
      • Dell Tower Servers
      • Dell Blade Servers
      • Dell SC Poweredge Servers
      • Dell Storage Parts
      • Dell Workstation
    • Dell Server Parts
      • Dell Server Processor
      • Dell Server Memory
      • Dell Server Hard Drives
      • Dell Server Power Supplies
      • Dell Server RAID Controllers
      • Dell Server Motherboards
      • Dell Server BackPlanes
      • Dell Server Network Adapters
      • Dell Server Risers
      • Dell Power Supply Backplane
      • Dell Server Cooling Fan
      • Dell Server Heat Sink
    • Sun Servers
    • Sun Fire V120 UltraSparc II
    • Sun Fire V100 UltraSparc II
    • Sunfire T5140
    • Sunfire T5120
    • Sunfire T5120
    • Sunfire X2200
    • Sunfire V440
    • Sunfire V210
    • Sunfire V240
    • Sunfire V245
    • SunBlade 150
    • Enterprise E450
    • Enterprise E420
    • Enterprise E250
    • Enterprise E220R
    • Enterprise 5500
    • Enterprise 4500
    • Enterprise 3500
    • Enterprise 10000
    • Adaptec Card
      • Adaptec Card
      • Adaptec 2010S/48 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2100S/32 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2110S/32 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2120S/64 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2130SLP/128 MB Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2130SLP/256 MB Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2200S/64 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2200S/128 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2230SLP/128 Raid Card
      • Adaptec 2610 SA Card
      • Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI Card
      • Adpatec 2940 U2W SCSI Card
      • Adaptec ASR-3405/128MB
      • Adaptec 4805 SAS 8 Port Raid Card
      • Adaptec 21320 SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 29160 SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 29160LP SCSI Single port Card
      • Adaptec 29320ALP-R SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 29320LPE-R SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 29320LP SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 29320 SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 39160 SCSI Dual Port Card
      • Adaptec 39320A SCSI Card
      • Adaptec 48300 8 Port SAS Card
    • LSI Logic Card
      • LSI Card
      • LSI LOGIC 4 U320 SCSI Raid Card with 64 MB RAM
      • LSI Logic 320 LP Mega Raid Card
      • LSI LOGIC 20160 Single Channel Ultra160 SCSI
      • LSI Logic 20320 SINGLE SCSI Card LP
      • LSI Logic 21320 Dual SCSI Card
      • LSI 3081E-R 8 Port SAS Raid Card
      • LSI 3442E 8 Port SAS Raid Card
      • LSI 3442X-R 8 Port SAS Raid Card
      • LSI Logic 2GB DUAL PCI FIBRE HOST ADAPTER Network Adapter
      • LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 8708ELP 8-port PCI-Express SAS RAID control

    Intel Card

    • Intel U320 Single channel SCSI Card
    • Intel U320 Raid Controller SCSI Card
    • Intel pro/1000 MT,dual port server adapter
    • Intel SCSI U160 Raid Card
    • Intel U320 SCSI Card Single Channel
    • Intel Dual Port Gigabit Card (PCIe)
    • Intel Quad Port PCI-X Gigabit Lan Card
    • Intel Dual Port Gigabit Lan Card
    • D-Link 10/100 MBPS LAN Card
    • D-Link DGE- 530T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    • Intel Pro 1000PT PCI-E Quad Port NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000PT PCI-E Dual Port NIC
    • Broadcom 5709 PCI-E Dual Port NIC
    • Broadcom Gigabit PCI-E QuadPort NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000MT PCI-X Single Port Gigabit NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000PT PCI-E Single Port Gigabit NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000MT PCI-X Dual Port Gigabit NIC
    • Intel Pro1000PF Dual Port Fiber PCIe NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000GT PCI-X Quad Port Gigabit NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000VT PCI-E Quad Port NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000VT PCI-E Quad Port Gigabit NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000MF PCI-X Single Port Fiber NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000XF PCI-X Single Port Fiber NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000MF PCI-X Dual Port Fiber NIC
    • Intel Pro 1000PF Single Port Fiber

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